Preventative Maintenance- We perform maintenance on any part of a typical lighting system, including control boards and wall stations, dimmers and racks, light fixtures and distribution equipment. This service can be performed on a scheduled, or on an as-needed basis. Our maintenance service includes cleaning the various parts of a system component, tightening connections, and re-calibration.

Repair- We will repair your lighting and control equipment- repair typically includes replacing or mending of parts in a piece of equipment, and testing to ensure proper operation.

Emergency Services- Our emergency services include site testing of equipment to determine the probable cause of a problem, and on site repair where possible. If immediate repair is not possible, we will help arrange for a loaner until the equipment can be repaired, tested and returned.


We offer a full range of installations. Electrical, control systems, hang and focus lighting fixtures, and final inspections. We also perform custom programming and system configurations.


We will provide training to customers whose needs require more than basic operation. Areas of training include Advanced Operations, Advanced Maintenance, and Programming.

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